I know you are looking at this vacuum and saying, “So What.” But there is a point to this post. The fact is, I broke this vacuum, and it’s now fixed. This moment didn’t just magically happen. There was some failure, a “giving up” escape plan, and ultimately, success because I gave it one more try. But this is not all learned. I received a special gift from my father years ago, which helped secure this victory.

It was 2013, and I was at the beginning of my computer engineering degree. In one of my engineering classes, there was a project assigned that would throw me for the biggest loop.

I needed to make electronic dice, something I had never done before. The lesson kit included all of the components and a detailed lesson plan, but one major obstacle was in my way. I didn’t know how to solder. So after some slight panic, I did what most guys would do when hitting a significant roadblock. I called my father. Thankfully in my case, my father happens to be an electrician and millwright of 30+ years, and thankfully was up for the challenge. After listening to my predicament, Dad dropped what he was doing and came to help me. Whew! There was a happy ending, I received an A for this project and ultimately graduated with my degree.¬†

Life moved on, and I forgot about that project until about two weeks ago. The day was hectic and I was sweeping out my car when one of my son’s toys plugged the vacuum. After struggling to release the plastic piece, it was obvious more had to be done. In order to dislodge the toy, the entire piece needed attention. Unfortunately, while trying to accomplish this task, I broke a few wires that power the brush. It was an absolute mess.  Out of pure frustration, I gave up, threw the whole thing into the trash, and went to bed.

In the morning, I had a feeling that my heavenly father was nudging me to try again. I knew I could solder those pieces together. I just had to try. Thankfully, an hour later, the repairs were complete, and the vacuum worked like it was brand new. What a fantastic blessing and I didn’t even have to buy a new one. What a win! This teachable moment from my father all those years ago helped shape my future, save me money, and spark a new sense of confidence in myself. Thanks, Dad!