So, I’m having a no good, terrible, and what most people call a very bad day. It all started when my alarm was on strike, refusing to notify me of my need to wake up. Causing a string of unfortunate events, ultimately leading to my late arrival at work. 

Honestly, I was completely off my game for the rest of the day, and even my most comfortable work shoes couldn’t keep me up. Therefore, messing me up on an important work project. This caused some slight irritation in my boss and, honestly, in me. At that moment, I couldn’t see that the creator of chaos, “The Devil,” was fueling my every thought and emotion. He wanted me to do or say something that would allow this day to spiral out of control. 

By this point, those feelings of worthlessness and defeat crept inside my heart, and I began questioning why God would even put me on this earth. So, if you have ever found yourself in my shoes (and some of you probably have), I found something remarkable that might just turn that difficult day upside down.

Keep Singing… and no, I’m not suggesting turning your life into a high school musical. The Song “Keep Singing” by Mercyme has been a constant in my life for the last few years, an outlet for helping me make it through those most challenging days. Its lyrics softly praise God amidst all the troubles and tragedies we may face, the ones on this side of heaven. 

This powerful song has brought me back from the edge more times than I can count since its release in 2004. One of the most memorable parts of the music that always causes a wavy of calm to rush over me is:  

“Can I climb up in Your lap    

I don’t wanna leave    

Jesus sing over me.”

Every time I hear those words, I have this urge to close my eye and picture the goodness of God. Are you able to imagine it, too? Standing before the throne of God and standing in the wonder of his love. Would it be intimidating, or would it feel like home? I would wait patiently for him to notice me and look for him to beckon me up. I may revert to my childhood, climbing up his thrown so fast, like a squirrel scurrying up a tree. Plopping myself on his lap and resting my head on his crest. I imagine my breathing becoming in sync with his, feeling the stress and frustrations of life fly away. In this vision, he sings sweet blessings over my life, and I am comforted, safe, and wrapped in his unconditional love. 

I love this song and will always consider it my bad day song. No matter how hard my day is, I remind myself that God is always there to support me. To hold me when it’s rough and loves me despite my shortcomings. (which there are plenty of)

Suppose you are going through one of those no-good days. In that case, I encourage you to find a musical outlet (along with prayer) to help combat the devil and his attacks. Find a pair of comfy shoes, regroup, and recover. Hit the refresh button, play on the stereo, and just “Keep Singing.”    

Psalm 98:4

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.”

  • A Life Without Limits: Rollin’ Into The Future
  • Debbie Waltz
  • Keep Singing – Guest Blog Post
  • Released Date: November 28, 2022